Simplewell is a company with more than ten years of experience in manufacturing test instruments. It mainly    manufactures simulation environment reliability test equipment, formaldehyde / VOC volatile gas detection equipment,    vehicle and parts reliability test equipment. In product development, design and manufacture, quality control and    service coordination, there is a scientific and efficient management mode. Mature experience and installation    capability for manufacturing large non-standard complex test equipment. It also has strong ability in intelligent    control design and software application development. We have our own equipment manufacturing factory, laser cutting    machine, CNC bending machine, laser welding machine and other modern advanced technology processing equipment, the    company pays attention to the cultivation and development of personnel, a large number of industry outstanding research    and development design and manufacturing personnel.

The company has passed TUV:ISO9001:2008 certification and VDA6.4:2005 quality management system certification. We have    obtained more than 100 domestic invention patents, utility model patents and 3 American, Japanese and European    invention patents. It has been affirmed and supported by the industry, and has won many awards from the government. Our    products are mainly used in universities, scientific research institutions, aerospace, military, electronics,    electricians, toys, furniture, hardware, paper products, batteries, photovoltaics, communications, automobiles,    agriculture, and other units. And provide them with the test equipment of the world's industry and regional standards.

China sales and service network

In order to better meet the needs of customers, set up sales service points respectively.

Company Environment

Production workshop

Bending forming

Production workshop

laser cutting

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