Simplewell Technology Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer in testing equipment, with more than 10 years of experience, including the simulation environment & reliability test chamber, formaldehyde & VOC test equipment, the reliability test equipment for vehicle & components. We skill in R&D capacity and independent design  strength, have experiences in the installation for non-normal equipments,we always keep launching new products, developing intellectualized control system to meet the market demands and establish a stellar reputation in the industry.

      The company has passed TUV: ISO9001:2008 certificate and VDA6.4:2005 quality management system standards, as well as won lots of invention patens in China, U.S. , Japan, Europe etc. Our equipment provides various testing standards, making sure the tested samples and products are compliant with different manufacture requirements. A wide application is mainly applied in institutes, R&D organizations, aviation, military projects, electronics, electrical, toys,furniture, hardware, papermaking, batteries, photo-electricity,communications, automobiles, agriculture and so on

Sales and service network in China

 In order to better fulfill customers's demand, we set up sales and services network in every big city in China.

Company Environment

Production workshop

Bending forming

Production workshop

laser cutting

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