Our aim and orientation

    Simplewell always regards “customer first, total involvement, technical innovation,customer satisfaction” as its aim. We have a complete 4S system, namely sale, spare part,service and survey and they are all linked with one another. Simplewell will provide ideal research and production technical environment for you with its powerful marketing and after-sales service ability, solid technical strength. Our products are widely used for various industries such as electronic industry, semiconductor, medicine, chemical industry,cosmetics, painting, petroleum and foods as well as scientific research institutions such as colleges and universities, inspection and quarantine bureaus, commercial inspection, drug test, the Academy of Military Medical Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Sciences and so forth. After accumulating experiences for many years, Simplewell is able to provide overall laboratory solutions and professional services for the product tests and quality management of industries such as IT, semiconductor, medicine, chemical industry and foods and so on.

Our operation principle

Persist in simple and honest principles, not superficial, not exaggerated, seeking truth from facts.

Never use fake and shoddy low-cost parts, never cut corners and use unreliable product design.

We always insist on quality first, doing our best to ensure good quality for each test

equipment, even if we may lose money.

Our service concepts

    We will completely solve the worries and concerns of our customers with our rapid and efficient services. For many years, besides providing the after-sale and maintenance for our own high-quality products and licensed products, we have constantly solved the issues of maintenance of other imported devices and instruments of other brands for our customers in order to meet their requirements, which established a good image among our customers.


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