Position name
Position type
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Job description:

1. more than one year's experience in foreign trade business is preferred.

2. Our company can provide a benign learning platform for new students. The office environment is comfortable and there are opportunities to study abroad. We are diligent and eager to learn.

3. Careful and conscientious work, proactive work, strong sense of responsibility, strong executive ability, hard-working, team spirit;

4. be patient, give yourself time, and have a good outlook on life.

5., we can share dreams and ideas with our company and learn together and make progress together.

6. Alibaba foreign trade operation platform and image processing experience are preferred.

7. Good communication and coordination skills, friendly, enthusiastic, able to unite colleagues, with pioneering, hard work, dedication, optimistic in the face of setbacks.

8. college degree or above, English level 4 or above.

9. salary: base salary + commission + five risks

Contact information

Contacts: Miss Shaw

Contact number:0769-81068380-801

Contact mailbox:sales01@simplewell.com.cn

Contact address:No. 6, Golden Lake Industrial Zone, Dalang, Dongguan

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