Simplewell Co., ltd.is a high-tech enterprise. Simplewell has always paid attention to intellectual property protection and innovation.At present, we have found that some companies selling products and bidding solutions in the market have violated our company's independent intellectual property rights. Some ex-employees of Simplewell use our company’s business confidential to working for other companies. (Every incumbent and resigned employees of Simplewell signed a special confidentiality agreement with Simplewell.)In order to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of our company, we have signed a contract with Guangzhou Huaxue Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd. Dongguan Branch to entrust it to investigate all infringing product manufacturers, sellers and users suspected of infringing on the rights and interests of our company's independent intellectual property rights. Forensics through legal channels to safeguard the interests of our company.

    Simplewell fully considers that the customers are not fully aware of the related intellectual property rights, here we remind customers to search for relevant intellectual property rights of our company, pay attention to our company’s tips regarding intellectual property interests, and avoid buying & using products which infringe on our company's intellectual property rights.

    In order to fully consider the interests of the customers, we hopes that the users informs us about relevant information of suspected infringing products before we know it, and cooperate with us to obtain evidence for the products suspected of infringement.

    Simplewell promises: Thanks to respecting intellectual property rights and actively protecting the interests of our company. For those customers who assist Simplewell will not be against by lawsuit due to using Infringing product. Other infringers are not included in this list.

    Please contact below for reserved evidence:

    Simplewell Co.,Ltd

    Mr.Xia Ke Yu    Phone:  13326880375  Email: xiakeyu_01@163.com

    Guangzhou Huaxue intellectual property Agency Co., Ltd.

    Agent:Mr. Li Sheng Hong(License number:4424510503.3) 

    Phone: 13925788463  Email: 7769534cyn@163.com

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